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Nine full sessions, with thirty-one days of devotions in each session that are easy to read and practically apply to one’s life in five minutes or less.

Positive declarations of prayer that will seal each devotional truth in one’s heart.

Nine full Bible study lessons for each of the nine sessions. 

279 daily devotions designed to move the reader to experience a transformational life change.

At the end of this book there is a 112-page subject index where one can choose between over 500 major subjects and thousands of subpoints that can be used as a topical Bible study for living the victorious Christian life.

Each passage of Scripture written out, using the modern, easy to understand and read, New Living Translation (NLT).

Formatted in a convenient workbook size that gives the reader plenty of space for taking notes.

Strategically designed for use in small groups and as sermon prep and classroom studies.

The perfect gift for the person who loves the Book of Proverbs.

Print Edition--over 300 pages!
Print Edition--over 300 pages!

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There are a very select few people that you will find in life that are just as passionate about your success as you are. Usually your greatest support team will be you mother, father, spouse, grand-parent or a very close childhood friend. Seldom if ever do you come across someone later in life that sees something in you that you no longer see in yourself and will come along side of you as your biggest cheerleader. That miracle someone came in my life in the form of Denny Bates. At a time when my mother and greatest cheerleader had just passed away, my father-in-law had passed away and my wife, Tracey, and I were doing the best we could to prop each other up during our time of grief is when I met Dr. Denny Bates. 

I remember vividly meeting our first time in person at Panera Bread for lunch. Because of some mutual friends we had become connected on Facebook, so we had a little knowledge of each other via the Facebook filtered lens. We all know that Facebook is a promotional tool for the best parts of our life and the life we want everyone to think we live. So, through this lens I knew Denny as the local encouraging Rockstar from Aisle 31 at the local hardware store. This guy had his picture taken with every local in town who was a celebrity in the city of Florence, SC. Preachers, local politicians, community movers and shakers as well as the longtime community legacies in our small city were displayed in hundreds of pictures with Dr. Denny Bates. 

I had to meet this guy and see if he was the real deal. It didn’t take me long in our conversation to see his genuineness. He was transparent, humble, aware of his failures yet sure of his calling. That calling is to help and encourage others. I sensed an immediate connection and brotherhood with Denny. I knew that we would be lifelong friends. He was what we all need in life. Someone that will listen to us, connect with us and passionately encourage us. There is no lack of people that will tell you what you can’t do in life but few that will not only support what you think you can do while encouraging you that you can achieve far more. 

Denny has helped me in many ways. We have enjoyed fellowship over a meal, been in Bible studies together and worked on projects together. He is great at one on one and that connection is what he brings to his book “Quality Wisdom for A Modern Age.” You will get to know Dr. Denny Bates personally as he takes you through a spiritual growth process using the greatest book on wisdom ever written. Denny presents the biblical truths of the book of Proverbs to help you believe in you and he encourages you all along the way. Even non-believers use the principles of Proverbs in their self-help books, but they don’t understand the true power of these principles and that is having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Denny makes sure that he doesn’t leave you believing that applying these principles may work for others. He makes sure you believe that they will work for you and encourages you every step of the way. 

I have been blessed to come to know Denny and call him my friend. I am certain that you will be blessed to get to know him through this book and that you too will find a lifelong friend in Dr. Denny Bates.

Proverbs 18:24 “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.”

Bryan A. Braddock

Executive Director of the House of Hope

Forward Focused LLC


What People Are Saying About This Book On Proverbs

Praise For Quality Wisdom For A Modern Age:

For me, reading from the book of Proverbs has always felt a bit like trying to drink water from a fire hydrant - too much comes at me at one time and it overwhelms me. In Quality Wisdom For a Modern Age, Dr. Denny Bates has meticulously broken down this powerful, timeless Old Testament book of wise instruction into day by day “bite size” truths enabling the reader to apply each truth and get the very most out of the Scriptures. The Prayer ofCommitment found at the end of each devotion is guaranteed to help the reader in their personal growth. This is one book you will not want to hurry through. It’s great for family devotions as well. 

~ Kirby King, inspirational speaker and Bible teacher; author of Abiding in Christ: What Is it Anyway? and Walking Through Fire Without Getting Burned: Finding Hope In The Hard Places

Dr. Denny Bates has a fabulous unique way to share his wealth of quality wisdom with his readers.  The devotions will lift, stretch, encourage, and press you forward.  Your strongest challenge may very well be the fact that you don't want to part ways and lay the book down.  Just as there is a Proverbs chapter for every day of the month, this devotional will provide you with what I like to call the icing on the cake.  As you begin your journey you will want to keep this book close by at all times!  

~ Carol Mabe, Life Coach, Leadership Trainer, Speaker, Author of Kick Your Own Butt: The Fine Art Of Leading Yourself Well

Denny Bates’s Quality Wisdom for A Modern Ageis valuable for two reasons. One, it lays our Christian principles that professionals can immediately apply to their career. Two, it is an ongoing resource of daily encouragement that can be used by new and seasoned Christians alike. 

~ Traci McCombs, Author and Blogger 

What a wonderful daily encouragement! Dr. Denny Bates has dissected the book of Proverbs to highlight the wisdom God has provided for us in this great book of the Bible. I believe this daily devotional will help you apply Proverbs’ eternal truths in a more practical and relevant way that will assist you in your everyday Christian walk. I highly recommend Quality Wisdom for a Modern Agefor your daily study of God’s Word. 

~ Ron Lyles

Owner, Schofield’s Hardware and Sporting Goods

Board Trustee, Leadership Ministries Worldwide

The book of Proverbs is a phenomenal book. It is such an inspiration on what, where, who God is. It helps in our daily walk. It gives you strength, wisdom, discernment for life. It gives practical ways to look at life through God's lenses. I would highly recommend Quality Wisdom for a Modern Age.

~ Cleo Corey, author and life coach

Denny inspires me. His thoughts captured in this book will warm your heart and challenge your mind. Get ready to consume fresh words of wisdom. 

~ Kary Oberbrunner, author of Your Secret Name, the Deeper Path, and Day Job to Dream Job

I love the book of Proverbs. I love how you quote and simplify the meaning of each verse to give an easy understanding of this great book. Any person who reads your book will be helped by being able to apply scripture to reality. Absolutely incredible book Denny. God bless you.

~ Traceyann Pearl Brough, author of Heaven’s Got A Plan For You

You will find that as you read this book your thoughts are transformed, and your emotions are empowered with life. God will meet you in it as you take the journey from one page into the next. I highly recommend because it is engaging, and you will gain insight to your daily life in an enjoyable way. He has presented challenges that are relatable with answers that are attainable.

~ Laura Harris, Artist, Design Director at No Other Wall

Proverbs is my favorite book in the Bible.  Primarily because of its consistent message regarding wisdom.  As a Christian business leader, I am responsible for leading my team and truly making a positive difference.  I never want to come up short.   God enables us with unique gifts/talents, but he holds us responsible to develop those talents; this book is a great place to start.  I’ve known Denny for some time, and he has always been passionate about Christian leadership and helping those leaders do their very best in garnering the necessary wisdom to lead well.

~ Rick Saunders

President/CEO, First Reliance Bank

I remember the day I first met Denny Bates. It was his welcoming smile that made me think of Jesus. His humor and warmth put me at ease. I knew this would be someone I would collaborate with, share advice with, and enjoy as a longtime friend. With this new published work of his, Quality Wisdom For A Modern Age, I can see how Denny truly fathers others in the faith. He is a disciple-maker and this new book, and its easy-to-read format will help shape the next generation of believers. 

~ Robin L. Lewis, 

Author of The Guts and Glory Of Forgiveness: Living Healed, speaker, and Christ-centered life coach

I am a very simple thinker…I really enjoyed the 31 days….simple and short…to the point….easy for me to follow. 

~ Wick Jackson

Envoy International, Director

In the short time I’ve known Denny, I have come to find him as a very dedicated man of God, who chooses daily to walk the high road, while encouraging everyone he meets to join him. Denny doesn’t just offer you a kind word and send you on your way, but rather, he demonstrates a genuine interest in and concern for others ability to maneuver through the stuff of life and come out better for it on the other side. In his book, Quality Wisdom For A Modern Age, Denny delves into the Proverbs, unpacking the rich material contained therein, and has provided a concise and useful tool for us to apply these old Scriptural truths in todays “Modern Age.” Whether you are looking for a quick reference guide or to dig deeper, I believe you have just found what you are looking for. Thank you, Denny, for sharing your love of the LORD with us, and for your desire to see others grow in His amazing Grace!

~ Leslie Rutten

Homemaker; Occupational Therapist

For anyone who desires to be obedient to the command "But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves" (James 1:22 NASB) as it applies to the Book of Proverbs, then Denny's book will prove to be a well laid out tool. There are many useful resources included. The Subject Index alone makes the book worth having. It is a tremendous guide for topical searching.

Well done my friend,

~ Ron Bennett 

Elder, Bible Teacher, Church at Sandhurst

Dr. Denny Bates has put together a simple, daily look at the promisesof Godthat aredeclared in direction,woven to our souls in prayer.Men and women aretransformed when they allow the living word of Godto live in them. Each page of Quality Wisdom For A Modern Ageis a promise of God,declared for today, brought to life in prayer. So that “Today May You”grow in the knowledge of the Greatness of God!

~ Dick Brown

Business Owner

InQuality Wisdom For A Modern Age, Dr. Denny Bates’ commitment to make quality disciples for Jesus shines through in this collection of rich resources. If you desire to deepen your walk with Jesus and are looking for an easy to follow, systematic approach which also offers the flexibility of diving deeper, then look no more. Whether you desire a personal study or to make progress with others (QWMA) takes you on a journey through the wisdom of Proverbs, encouraging a closer walk with Jesus. 

~ Lisa Ray

Retired Educator

James,the half-brotherof Jesus,wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to the dispersed who were living in a world hostile to the gospel message … “But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him” (James 1:5). Dr. H. Dennis Bates or Denny, my spiritual brother as well as my biological sibling, has written a resource just for those that would seek God’s wisdom in a world that is still hostile to His message. Quality Wisdom for a Modern Age is an easy to use exploration of King Solomon’s masterpiece on wisdom, Proverbs.It can be used as a devotional, a small group study or a guide for wisdom on different aspects of life as the need arises. I am truly looking forward to using it in my daily life in this complicated, complex world and am thankful that Solomon had it right when he wrote that there was nothing new under the sun; Only the names and the places change. The human experience is just that, the human experience and it never changes. 

~ Tamara Bates-Rhodes, RN

You know it’s going to be a good day when you encounter some quality wisdom first thing, walk with it and let it guide you throughout your day. And so, it is with the daily Declarations of Quality Wisdom from the Proverbs-based devotional book, Quality Wisdom for a Modern Age,by Denny Bates. This guidebook gives you one piece of wisdom each day for you to savor and incorporate into your daily practice. In turn providing a basis for personal growth which will spill over into your professional and spiritual life. It gives you the opportunity to apply that wisdom and live it loudly. Remember, what we say is heard in what we show. So, walk with the wisdom in this devotional and grow in greatness.

~ Dennis Arnst, PhD - Audiologist  

Dr. Denny Bates has created an exegesis of Proverbs that is both rich and practical, with clear encouragement about how to live wisely in a modern community of Faith. The Lord’s words are like goads; spurring us on, teaching, and admonishing. Aptly applied, God’s Word is alive, critical and precious, changing the trajectory of our lives. Denny’s book draws a thoughtful picture of how to best glean from the Proverbs, and how to strategically do what they say. Thank you Denny for allowing yourself to be a scholar, brother, and even more so a son. When you sent this for me to read, the Lord meant it as a balm and direction for my heart. This book is dynamic and concise, Spirit led, and a daily treasure of wisdom!

~ Dee Hoehn, M.A., L.P.C. Owner and Therapist Grace Counseling, LLC

Proverbs is well known as the book of wisdom. Having the opportunity of seeing Denny's heart and service for the Lord, I know his wisdom and insight will carry his readers on a deeper dive. Get ready for the journey.

~ Dexter Godfrey, Kingdom Power Couple

'In a society where the wisdom of the Bible is continually being pushed aside, it is refreshing to see a book published that makes The Proverbs applicable. Denny's heart to see this generation embrace the Truth and direction of the Proverbs is a light to follow through Quality Wisdom for a Modern Age"

~ Debra Lynn Hayes, author RISE....What To Do When Hell Won't Back Off

Most won’t admit that they need it, but everyone needs guidance in today’s modern age. Full of wisdom and a burning desire to always help others, Denny Bates does a great job of delivering this wisdom in a simple format.

~ John Chase, Financial Advisor

Dr. Bates uses the book of Proverbs to give simple yet profound words for each daily devotional with much attention to detail giving the reader points to ponder throughout his day. A good read. 

~ Pam Clemons, retired RN

"Living in this world, we need all the wisdom we can get! The Proverbs are chock full of applicable tidbits and Dr. Bates does an amazing job at breaking it down into bite-size bits that we can digest on a daily basis. I thoroughly enjoy his approach and see it as something that anyone can implement daily--over and over!" 

~ Renee Vidor, speaker, and community-creator, author of Measuring Up: How to WIN in a World of Comparison 

In Quality Wisdom for a Modern Age, Dr. Denny Bates has, once again, provided a million-dollar tool for followers of Christ to develop discipleship habits and to live Kingdom lives. This resource could be used in a variety of ways and is full of "high-value wisdom" about life, about living for God, about dealing with people, and about living with situations. This work is a guaranteed GRAND SLAM for every disciple of Christ!!!

Dr. David Wike, Pastor Ebenezer Baptist Church

Quality Wisdom For A Modern Ageembraces the teachings of Solomon as written in Proverbs. Timely lessons that respect our schedules yet provide an in-depth challenge encouraging us to assimilate and connect with coworkers, friends, and seekers we meet on life's road. Whether you use it as a study guide or a future reference book for all things Proverbs; check it out.

Tessy L. Baker, Ed.S School Psychologist

Quality Wisdom For A Modern Ageis an insightful read that shows you how to recognize and apply the truth on a daily basis. Dr. Denny Bates provides an amazing resource that brings the wisdom and practical teaching from the book of Proverbs to life. Make it a part of your routine as you grow, lead, serve, and impact the world. 

~ Jim Zugschwert, speaker, coach, and author of Peak Perspective

If there is a writer who can take the ancient words of the book of Proverbs and help us apply them to our present days, that writer is Dr. Denny Bates. Quality Wisdom for a Modern Age will challenge you and bless you in your professional and personal life as Dr. Bates guides you in hearing Proverbs with enlightened spirit-led ears. This book is a must-have! 

~ Helen Rogers Dobbins BSN, RN Blogger for Sorrow into Dancing

Your very practical encouragement has always been a bright spot for me. Thank you for sharing this! I can’t wait to see how God will continue to use you!

~ Abby Feistel, mom and blogger

Denny is a great friend and mentor of mine and has been for nearly two decades.  In Quality Wisdom for a Modern Ageyou will find insight, perspective and truth that is deeply needed for life in this world.  I cannot recommend this book more highly to you.  It is a must use resource as you journey through life.

~ Reeves Cannon, M.A.,LPC, BCPCC, Executive Pastor, Church at Sandhurst

Quality Wisdom for a Modern Ageis not book on leadership – it is a manual on how to incorporate proverbs into our daily lives to not only deal with the issues of daily life, but to anticipate them. Keep the book close to your nightstand, to use the analogy “Break glass in case of emergency”, or to be inspired. Dr. Denny Bates uses daily declarations to assist individuals and leaders to help them in their daily duties. This is important as one must be able to lead themselves in order to lead others. 

~ Len Clark, Ph.D. LTC Media

“Denny has a clear talent for packaging encouraging, Biblical content in a form that anyone can benefit from. Quality Wisdom For A Modern Ageis another winner in his lineup of materials that can be used for a variety of settings and applications. I’m thankful for his contributions to the Body of Christ!” 

~ Chris Honeycutt Lead Pastor, Forward /// Myrtle Beach

Dr Denny Bates is consistent in publishing quality resources that we can apply in our real lives. Quality Wisdom for a Modern Age is no different. Denny pours his mentorship onto paper again so we can turn to daily use in practical ways to become better, quality leaders. 

~ Bo Myers: Husband, Father, Local ministry leader, Servant pastor, Deputy Coroner

In Proverbs, we are reminded that “…in a multitude of counselors there is safety.” I have regarded my friend, Dr. Denny Bates, as one of my most cherished advisors on life and business. In this, his latest work, Dr. Bates shares daily lessons of wisdom from the book of Proverbs. This book is truly golden. Grab a morsel of wisdom every day. 

~ Marty Coates, Speaker/Trainer/Best-Selling Author, President, Waymaker Learning Corporation

Dr Denny Bates is truly a man after Gods heart and has become a precious friend of mine that the Lord so graciously placed in my life. I recommend this book because it is written by a man that with his educational training along with his difficult life experiences has given him so much wisdom and compassion for helping others.  He has been there for me through some difficult times in my life and through his prayer and counseling, he has been a tremendous help to me.  God knows what we need and when we need it and he blessed me with Dr. Denny Bates's friendship.  I feel this book would be a blessing to so many people because it is written by a man who has been through difficult and heart wrenching times in his life and through that has come out an even better man and ready to help others with the struggles in their lives.

~ Shirlene Blanton, Mom, Physical Therapist Assistant

Be sure to request your FREE sample. Have you been impacted by Quality Wisdom For A Modern Age? I’d love to hear from you and hear your story! If you would like more information on how to fully experience A Quality Life, you can reach out to me by the contact information below.

The wisdom of Proverbs is timeless! Get your copy of Quality Wisdom For A Modern Age and grow!
The wisdom of Proverbs is timeless! Get your copy of Quality Wisdom For A Modern Age and grow!

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