Quality Life Coaching And Business Coaching

It Would Be My Pleasure To Empower You In Leadership Skills

As with most important challenges in life, we all need help in reaching our potential and living our dreams. Working together, I help high-capacity leaders who serve in the business and church world add Quality to their lives.

Having spent over 35 years in both the market place and the church world, 

I am uniquely qualified to help you succeed.

With a Master's degree in Pastoral Ministry and a Doctorate in Personal and Organizational Leadership, I've been trained to implement a relational approach that consistently moves people and organizations towards targeted goals. I help leaders who are undergoing life transitions; be it a career change or a change in a season of life. 

I am a published writer who also serves as a writing coach for people who need my services provided by my business, www.HelpMeWriteMyStory.com.

Investing in leaders and making disciples for Jesus is my passion. It is why I founded Something New Christian Publishers, The Quality Disciple, Quality Leadership Consultants and DiscipleMakers4Jesus (DM4J) in 2006. 

I can help guide you in your spiritual journey by showing you how to live an enriched life. I am uniquely equipped to coach leaders who have been wounded by organized religion and point them towards spiritual healing.


To learn more of the resources I offer through my business, Quality Leadership Consultants, please visit my website at www.dennybates.com.

Leadership is a growing aspect of everyone's life. In the past, other great leaders have invested in me. Now, I have a responsibility to pass on what I know to those who are looking to grow in their leadership gifts too. 

This is why I am a member of the John Maxwell Team: John has added Quality to my life. I want to pass it on to you too.