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Use Christmas Meditations of Worship: Four Weeks of Advent--A Season of Worship and Celebration

Christmas. Sights. Smells. Sounds. 

The four weeks of Advent take place during the Christmas season when the world pauses. The spirit of Christmas fills the hearts of shoppers who frequent shopping malls, hearing seasonal music or a volunteer Salvation Army band (or bell) stationed on the sidewalk. For many people Christmas is nothing more than a materialistic exercise of futility. Collecting and giving away more consumable gifts never seems to be enough. The hectic pace of the holiday season often depletes more than it fills. The craziness of the season is normalized and many believers settle for a lackluster and “Christ-less” Christmas. A commitment to reflect upon the first Advent is the initial step towards regaining the true meaning of Christmas: worship of Jesus Christ. The Christian disciple is to focus one’s heart upon worship.

Many Christians observe Advent as a season of prayer, fasting, and penitence. Advent is an opportunity to slow down and refocus one’s heart upon the Lord. You are invited to back away from the edge of Christmas craziness and begin a four-week journey of reading, reflection, prayer, journaling, singing, and serving that will help you have the merriest Christmas of all. 

Here is how this book, Christmas Meditations of Worship, is designed to work:

  • After spending the first five days of the week reading and reflecting upon the Psalms, you will be invited to consider a selected passage of Scripture that addresses the first Advent. You will be guided on how to take this passage and use it as a catalyst in your worship of the Lord.
  • Interspersed throughout the four weeks, you will be directed to some of the great Christmas carols that will turn your heart to the Lord in worship.
  • Finally, you will be given practical suggestions each week on how you can become the hands and feet of Jesus this Christmas (Romans 12:1). Christmas for the disciple of Jesus Christ is much more than consuming perishable gifts today that are destined for the trash heap tomorrow. 

Here is a list of opportunities for you and your group to consider as unique ways to celebrate Christmas:

  1. Adopting a needy family for Christmas
  2. Helping the family of a prisoner
  3. Partnering with a Children’s Hospital
  4. Giving support to those who are chronically ill
  5. Providing supplies for a school classroom
  6. Preparing and delivering care packages for those who are in need of encouragement
  7. Writing personal letters of encouragement and including gift cards that will be a blessing to the recipient
  8. Writing a story or poem for the person
  9. Creating artwork/handcraft that would be meaningful for the person to whom you are giving
  10. Giving the gift of time - visit, bring a meal, take person to a play, concert, or movie 
  11. Giving the gift of your services - housecleaning, yard work, home repair, transportation 
  12. Donating to a charity in honor of others

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4 Weeks Of Advent Bible Study, Devotion, Worship, Journal, and Giving Opportunities. Click to order
4 Weeks Of Advent Bible Study, Devotion, Worship, Journal, and Giving Opportunities. Click to order